What's a plan without a goal? Here we will post our goals and whether or not we were able to achieve them. Kind of like a quick reference.

I cleared out all of my goals...I hadn't written one down since February of 2011. So here I am with two close range goals:
Goal 1: Lose 4 lbs by January 15 (on week from today)
Goal 2: Lose 13.6 lbs by February 17th (my birthday, roughly 5 weeks away)
Long term goal:
Goal 1: Be down to 150 by August 8th (6 months from today) That's 9 lbs a month. That seems doable when you look at it like that as opposed to 54 lbs in 6 months considering I only lost 25 last year, but I basically had to stop in May, that's halfway. so yeah, I'm hoping to lose 9lbs/month until August.
Goal 2: Be down to 130-140 by the end of Deployment. I can't really say when that'll be but it won't be this year. how bout that? lol

Goal 1 - Lose 4 pounds in 2 weeks. Achieved! Lost 7.4 pounds from 1/3 - 1/17!
Goal 2 - Lose 4 pounds in 2 weeks. Achieved...ish. Lost the 4 pounds and gained part back. Keep bouncing around it as of 3/14...
Goal A - Complete a 5k loop in less than 45 minutes. In Progress... Deadline 3/31/11