Jen here! So, I love food. It's pretty much what got me into this situation in the first place!  That being said, I also like finding healthy recipes to cook instead. Especially healthy recipes that don't TASTE healthy. So, I will use this area to add recipes I have tried and recommend. I'll also let you know where I found the recipe. I can already tell you some of my favorite healthy cookbooks are LooneySpoons and Crazy Plates, both by Janet and Greta Podleski.

**Edit** It has occurred to me that this page can get really jumbled. I have decided to start a separate recipe blog for better organization. I will still leave the most recent ones here, but I'll have all of them over there. Eh... it'll make sense when you click!

Party Poppin' Trail Mix Makes 5 servings
1 serving is 118 calories

2 C 94% fat-free kettle corn popcorn
1 C puffed corn cereal
1/2 C Fiber One Original cereal
2 oz chocolate covered soy nuts
1 oz dehydrated fruit (NOT DRIED FRUIT!)

Combine all ingredients. Ta-da!

**Sometimes I'll substitute almonds or pistachios for the soy nuts. And I know that you can find the dehydrated fruit at Target. In my local store it's with the nuts and trail mixes.