Monday, November 21, 2011

Stress Eating and Other Bad Habits

I feel like everything I have learned about how to eat properly has disappeared. No. I take that back. I've suffocated it with carbs. There has been a little voice telling me not to eat that, I'm not hungry, get a glass of water! but I eat anyway. And it's not because I'm bored, it's because I'm stressed. In the past few weeks I took my last Praxis tests (or at least I hope they were my last), my mom had surgery and subsequently had to spend the night in the hospital unexpectedly, and I've been averaging 15 hour days between 2 jobs. Yeah... So I've been stress eating.
Luckily I only gained a few pounds, and I'm still under my 30-lbs-lost mark. I just can't seem to progress from here. What really sucks is that one of my 3 (yes, three) jobs is at a dang gym! But by the time I get off work, I need to go home and go to bed so I can get at least 7 hours of sleep before waking up to start the whole process over again. I don't really have time to get my workout in. So I'm trying to focus on my eating habits. I know weight loss is 80% diet anyway. I've done... not horrible this so far, but let's remember that Thanksgiving is the day after tomorrow. I'll just have to be smart about things. Easier said than done.
I sent a cover letter and resume to a principal about a position I heard was open. Any and all prayers and positive thoughts are much appreciated. I don't want to say that it would save all of my stress problems, but it would definitely help me relax.
Well, I guess that's all I have for this post. I hope all of you have a wonderful, blessed Thanksgiving!

Thursday, November 17, 2011

If you are what you eat....

......then I need to eat a skinny person. Stat.

Have I used that one before?

So I guess you\'re wondering who I am. I deserve that. I\'ve been gone for some time now....I think Jen has single handedly doubled our blog posts since late august when I think I last posted.

Let\'s face the facts. I\'ve been avoiding the blog like it was a bill collector.

I have had a busy last few months....I was going to say difficult but that's not true, it's just been busy. I've gained a considerable chunk of what I lost back. There. I admitted it. My reasons/excuses are as follows:


Mainly my heel/foot. Beginning in April I started having severe, and I mean severe, pains in my left heel. After months of writing it off as being associated with working on my feet I went to the doc. I had xrays done and an exam (which consisted of the dr feeling up my foot) he said I had plantar fasciitis, basically the muscle connecting the ball of my foot to my heel was improperly stretched. He referred me to a specialist and gave me a verdict of limited duty...stay off the foot unless necessary or surgery would be needed. So besides work I couldn't really do anything...not that I wanted to because the pain had gotten so bad. So one month later, in October, I saw the podiatrist...she had the same diagnosis, exercise induced plantar fasciitis. Same verdict but now I had a pretty back and blue foot brace which I was supposed to wear whenever I was home or asleep and shoe inserts and the directive to follow up in 6 weeks. I made the was supposed to be the 15th of this month...central booking screwed up and put me down for the 1st. So I wait for another appt. The pain has lessened but not enough to feel good walking on it. Other things wrong with me are back spasms and lower back pain..this could be brought on by the way I was favoring my foot and walking a different way, I wanted to ask the podiatrist before I saw my regular doctor again.

Over the last couple of months I've worked, on average 50 hours a week, with some weeks being much more. This is me, on my feet, walking between the camera and a kid for 12 hours each day. I get up at 3 in the morning, I get home at 4. Sometimes earlier but either way, I'm beat. I go to bed at 8:30 or 9 in the evening...I have very no time to cook breakfast, I'm gone for lunch and by the time I get home I have no desire to stand in the kitchen, we've resorted to eating out. A lot.

What do you get when you eat out and can't exercise? FAT.

So her I am, about to face the very real fact that the holiday ar coming and I could very well put on every last pound I lost this year by the time 2012 rolls around. (mmm....rolls)

So with that, I have a pre-new years eve resolution: maintain.

I'm deliberately not stating my weight...why ruin the holidays?! I'll let ya in on it, maybe, in the future.

So I'm back.

Friday, November 11, 2011

Forgotten Review

For my birthday this year I got this totally awesome gift from a lovely friend of mine. Yeah, except that my birthday was May 7 and I totally just forgot to tell y'all about it!

Anyway, as you can probably guess, it is a water bottle. But even better, it is a water bottle with a Brita filter built in!I really like it, and it definitely helps me drink more water throughout the day. I'm kind of picky about my water (as in I don't drink tap water if I can help it) and this bottle leaves no trace of that "tappy taste" lol. So I can fill up using water fountains and sinks when I normally would have just bought a soda instead. It holds 24 oz, so I do pretty well meeting my 8 glasses a day. Buuuuut.... if I'm being completely honest, it does annoy me sometimes.

There is a design flaw with the way the lid attaches. See, you have to squeeze the water through the filter and into your mouth, and about 20% of the time water will leak from where the top screws on. Sometimes it's a few drops, sometimes it feels like half the bottle landed in my lap. :-( I have taken to cupping my hand under my chin when I drink from it. Right now I'm actually using it as a portable filter. I fill it up at the water fountain and then transfer the filtered water to an aluminum water bottle. It works.

Target had some that were a little different when I was looking before I got this one. I'm curious to read the reviews on those. If I remember correctly, they were a harder plastic. I wonder if you would still be able to squeeze them? Anyway, hope you're having a great Friday!

Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Shopping Success

Today was the first day that I have attempted to go clothes shopping since I started losing weight. I am happy to say that it was a success! It took a few tries for me to find my new size, but I found it and it is smaller!

The whole reason I decided I need to go shopping was because my pants selection for work was seriously lacking. Seeing as I have lost 30+ pounds, they are baggy, saggy, and generally unprofessional looking (which makes me feel like an unprofessional slobby Bobby). And I think we've all been told that we should dress for the job we want. Well, I don't want to be Batman, and I don't want to be a slobby Bobby. I want to be a middle school teacher. So I need to start dressing and thinking like one. I was able to find 3 pairs of dress pants that I liked and that fit. I'll probably have to go look for some more pants later, but this will help out for now. Plus, when I wear things that look more professional, I'm less likely to get mistaken for a new student (which happens a lot at the High School.... do I look THAT young??).

I'll admit, part of the reason today was my first shopping trip is because I HATE looking for dress pants. Let's face it. I have some hips, people. Overweight or not, I will be a curvy girl. And for some reason, most slacks are not made for girls with hips, especially girls with hips and not a lot of thigh. Blah, oh well! Regardless, I found some pants that fit and look good and I'm excited. I'm going to test drive one of these new outfits tonight. Mr. Wonderful and I are going to see Young Frankenstein at the Theatre (that's how they spell it) this evening. I'm excited x2!

Alright, I'm going to go... do something else! Have a great Tuesday!

Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Best Guesses...

As to where my "co-blogger" is? I've seen her fb pic change, so I know she's still alive and whatnot. I'm just not entirely sure why she hasn't been posting. Although, I'm not taking it personally, since she hasn't updated her other blogs in forever either.

Here's another picture of me, pretty much full length. It was taken about a month and a half ago at a fundraiser/fashion show my bf was a part of. Not to make excuses, but I'm wondering about the lens the photographer used. Or maybe I'm standing at an awkward angle (I was posed with a friend who I cropped out in case she didn't want to be in my blog). Anyway! I was at a fundraiser and that was a dress I bought 3 years ago and never wore because I got too big. Yay for fitting into old clothes! Yes, that is a glass of wine (read: empty calories), but it was the first one I'd had in months. I kind of regretted going over my calories that night, but it was for a good cause. :-D

Oh, happy November! I can't believe that it's already November... My favorite time of year, but still. Halloween went fairly well here. I didn't make it to any parties, or even get a chance to carve a pumpkin. Work, work, work. That's ok though, I need the money. I'm a little worried about my eating this month. I will be first to tell you that Thanksgiving is my ab fab holiday. I'm a Christian, and I love Christmas, but even Christians (or maybe especially Christians?) have to admit that Christmas sometimes seems more about Santa and presents than the birth of our Savior. But that's a whole other sermon that I won't get into right now. I love Thanksgiving because it gets people to think about what they are thankful for and notice their blessings. And then there is the food! Soooo much good food! I think I will be able to pay attention to my eating and make smarter decisions this year though. It is becoming ingrained in my actions. I love it!

In other news, I want you to look at this picture. For those of you who know what kind of ring this is and what it symbolizes, slow your roll. That's NOT what I'm trying to tell you. What I want you to notice is that IT FITS!!! I bought this ring forever ago, and it was a little snug when I got it. Needless to say, there was a point that I couldn't even get it over my knuckle. I put it on my key ring for probably a good 2-3 years. The other day I noticed it and decided to try it on. Voila! That might make me happier than losing a pants size. Ok, maybe not, but you know what I mean!

Alright folks, it's been kind of a long day. I'm going to head to bed. I hope November is good to you all. Good night!