Monday, November 21, 2011

Stress Eating and Other Bad Habits

I feel like everything I have learned about how to eat properly has disappeared. No. I take that back. I've suffocated it with carbs. There has been a little voice telling me not to eat that, I'm not hungry, get a glass of water! but I eat anyway. And it's not because I'm bored, it's because I'm stressed. In the past few weeks I took my last Praxis tests (or at least I hope they were my last), my mom had surgery and subsequently had to spend the night in the hospital unexpectedly, and I've been averaging 15 hour days between 2 jobs. Yeah... So I've been stress eating.
Luckily I only gained a few pounds, and I'm still under my 30-lbs-lost mark. I just can't seem to progress from here. What really sucks is that one of my 3 (yes, three) jobs is at a dang gym! But by the time I get off work, I need to go home and go to bed so I can get at least 7 hours of sleep before waking up to start the whole process over again. I don't really have time to get my workout in. So I'm trying to focus on my eating habits. I know weight loss is 80% diet anyway. I've done... not horrible this so far, but let's remember that Thanksgiving is the day after tomorrow. I'll just have to be smart about things. Easier said than done.
I sent a cover letter and resume to a principal about a position I heard was open. Any and all prayers and positive thoughts are much appreciated. I don't want to say that it would save all of my stress problems, but it would definitely help me relax.
Well, I guess that's all I have for this post. I hope all of you have a wonderful, blessed Thanksgiving!

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