Here is a page dedicated to the Amazing Shrinking Tiffany! I will leave if up to her to update it as we go along.
Here's Tiff! She took these pics as part of the application to the biggest loser competition she was chosen for. It's what gave me the idea to post progress pictures. I stole this one from the Alex Michele Photography Facebook page. 

This is me after losing 12 pounds in 2 weeks! Even my mommy said I inspire her! 

This is me 17.8 lbs lighter and sportin' my new orange work shirt. It's bright. real bright. 

Here I am on the right (obviously not the blonde) and again today (in the red) After losing 20.2 lbs total since January 3rd! 

Here I am on April 1st down to about 188.8 that's 22.2 lbs down in 3 months! 
me with my husband and his seabag. April 8, 2011, down 22.2 lbs (still) 
Me down to 185.4, almost to the 170's! It's not a race.
(down 26.4 lbs)
August 8, 2011

January 8, 2012
I am motivated and 203.6 lbs

And so it begins...again. 
(1/8/2012 @ 203.6)