Friday, November 11, 2011

Forgotten Review

For my birthday this year I got this totally awesome gift from a lovely friend of mine. Yeah, except that my birthday was May 7 and I totally just forgot to tell y'all about it!

Anyway, as you can probably guess, it is a water bottle. But even better, it is a water bottle with a Brita filter built in!I really like it, and it definitely helps me drink more water throughout the day. I'm kind of picky about my water (as in I don't drink tap water if I can help it) and this bottle leaves no trace of that "tappy taste" lol. So I can fill up using water fountains and sinks when I normally would have just bought a soda instead. It holds 24 oz, so I do pretty well meeting my 8 glasses a day. Buuuuut.... if I'm being completely honest, it does annoy me sometimes.

There is a design flaw with the way the lid attaches. See, you have to squeeze the water through the filter and into your mouth, and about 20% of the time water will leak from where the top screws on. Sometimes it's a few drops, sometimes it feels like half the bottle landed in my lap. :-( I have taken to cupping my hand under my chin when I drink from it. Right now I'm actually using it as a portable filter. I fill it up at the water fountain and then transfer the filtered water to an aluminum water bottle. It works.

Target had some that were a little different when I was looking before I got this one. I'm curious to read the reviews on those. If I remember correctly, they were a harder plastic. I wonder if you would still be able to squeeze them? Anyway, hope you're having a great Friday!

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