Friday, December 30, 2011

New Year, New Me.....Again.

If that title seems a little depressing, despondent and down then good. (like the alliteration? haha) I'm feeling all of those things.

In my last post I gave all of my reasons/excuses why I've been MIA. The main reason was my heel injury. I was put in a cast for 3 weeks...I got it off yesterday! yay! But over those three weeks was Christmas and our vacation back home. EVERYTHING revolved around food. We had 8 Christmas celebrations/meet ups with friends and family (Jen included!) and 7 of them were over some sort of food. Oy! I haven't stepped on the scale....I'm a little scared. Back to the cast/foot issue. I asked the doctor when I could start running for exercise again and she laughed. Boy, that's encouraging. She explained that, while I feel much better I have a bigger chance of injuring my foot again or stunting the healing process which is still going on. She gave me the timeline of 2 1/2 to 3 I'm looking at March before I can begin a return to running. That means I'll be able to walk for 5 minutes and run for 1 (doc's orders). Now I wasn't running marathons but I was getting 3-5 miles in at the gym before my lameness set in! This is such a disappointment! She suggested I start by swimming and biking which is doable but not what I wanted to hear.

Last year Jen and I made goals, mine was to lose 75 lbs...I lost nearly 30 and then I stopped. I've gained a lot of it back but now that I'm "cleared" to do exercise I hope that since I did it last year I'll have an "easier" time losing it all again and completing my goal. This coming year will be interesting. I'll be dealing with another deployment, which can be a gift from the weight loss goals, because if I'm bored or sad or mad that my husband isn't home I'll just head to the gym. work it out there. So my goal is what it was last year. 75 lbs.


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  1. See!! This isn't whining!!! This is regular weight loss grief!! We should walk/run together if possible. I am horrible at running but looking to change that! 1 min of running might be all that I can do anyway!! Ha ha