Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Busy Bee

I have gotten sooooo busy lately that it is just ridiculous. I've downloaded the blogger app to my phone recently (ok, last night) so I will be able to post on the go!
I had a marvelous week (ok, not really, but that's what I'm saying to keep my spirits up while the husband is away) I went to the beach yesterday. yeah, that's right, the beach, in February. I'm awesome.

I have been having an issue. I CANNOT for the life of me seem to get enough water daily. When we started this I started drinking nearly 90 oz of water each day. I have a 20 oz cup and would fill it up about 5 times a day. (yes, that equals 100, but I never finished the last refill before bed). I feel like this is holding me back in the weight loss department and since this blog IS the weight loss department I'd better get a move on. I'm trying and trying it's just not happening. why can't I drink water!!!

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