Monday, January 9, 2012

Yoga: A Vent

Yup, that's about the only yoga pose I'm good at...Downward Facing Dog

It is so hard to find a Yoga DVD/program that isn't too advanced for this chick. I have been to a few yoga classes and I thoroughly enjoyed them but man oh man, I tried one out today that was supposed to be "the basics in 10 minutes" (I have a short attention span) and WOWZERS! It was NUTS. We were doing sun salutations with backwards leg thrusts and I was sitting there (in downward facing dog because I know how to do that one!) looking at the TV in the heck am I supposed to do THAT?! and then she wanted me to just drop my body down into a low plank (holding my entire body up just two inches off the ground with just my toes and hands (my arms couldn't even touch the mat) HA! Forget about that! I laughed and said (to my TV) "sorry chica, this ain't workin' out for me" and clicked it off. Thankfully I'd done a work out before the yoga so I got it in today but holy heck. I'll be going back to my lovely yoga DVD I did yesterday. It's back from 2002 and is geared toward lower back and shoulder pain. It is very basic and lets me use a chair for some of the moves. I can do a lot of it with ease but there are a few parts that have my legs shaking so at least I can work into the moves and move on as I get steadier and a little more flexible! AND! BONUS! I was able to sleep relatively pain free last night (not sure if that was the Yoga or because I popped 500 mg of Naproxen for the headache I was having)!

Also, I've gone back to shakes for a meal...I had a tub of Lean1 leftover from when I worked at Smoothie King and did that crummy weight loss competition (which I did lose weight, but it was still crummy). Anyway, I had been given a tub of Banana Cream which wasn't being sold in stores yet, not sure if it is now since it went nation wide last year, I combined that protein powder with two tablespoons of cocoa powder, 5 ice cubes and about 2/3 cup of water and blended up a nice Chocolate Banana Cream smoothie! DELISH! For lunch I'm having some leftover buffalo chicken on a hoagie roll (bread may be my enemy but it is so yummy) and possibly some hummus. As soon as pay day rolls around I'm going to get some more veggies for me to snack on. The only veggies I have are the canned ones and those are so chock full of sodium that I can't eat, who likes to snack on hot green beans?!

Alright, I must go and actually clean my kitchen. darn dishes!

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