Friday, February 3, 2012

Hello, February!

Well, hello there readers! I've been trying to update this blog since Wednesday, but I haven't had time to sit down and think. But here I am!

January was a good month. I lost 7.4 pounds. Not the 10 I was technically aiming for, but I'm not going to complain. I did meet my goals of working out 4 times a week and logging my food every day. But a loss is a loss, and I am not about to complain about any of it!

I weighed myself on Wednesday morning so I could get an accurate "where am I starting?" spot for the month. I lost another 0.6 pounds, so my February starting point is 214. That thoroughly amused me (214... 2/14 is Valentine's Day... ok, maybe it wasn't that funny). I created a pretty little Goals & Accomplishments sheet for February. I was trying to figure out how upload it to here yesterday, but I couldn't. I may try again tomorrow afternoon. But I can still tell you what they are for this month.
Weight Loss: Lose 8 pounds
Fitness Goals: Workout 4 times a week, go to 2 classes at the gym, have one session with my personal trainer.
Healthy Eating Goals: Log my food on MFP every day, try 3 new recipes, limit my DCBs (Diet Cola Beverages) to 4 per week.
Blog Goals: Update this blog at least once a week, post a new recipe, add new pictures.

I think those are all pretty reasonable goals. I didn't want to make them too crazy so I couldn't reach them, but I also didn't want anything so easy that I didn't have to work. I'm looking forward to getting to work this month. I'm getting into a rhythm of working out after my shifts and logging my food after each meal. Our Superbowl party on Sunday is going to make for an interesting food log. I'll just workout tonight and tomorrow and try not to go too crazy with the Egg Rolls. Alright, I guess that's enough for now! I hope you all are having a pleasant month so far!
- J

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