Monday, March 21, 2011

I'm so Busy!

Jen wasn't kidding when she said I was busy! I'm swamped, today is my only day off and it's spent making sure my husband is ready to wait on the Navy. I was however able to get a 3 mile walk in with my two biggest puppies Ace and Fitz. I also had a weigh in for the competition I'm a part of...and my goal was to be in the 180's but I missed .1 lb. yeah...weighed in at 190.0. I was thinking about doing anything I could to drop to 189.9 because that still counts, that's still in the 180's! But alas, I could do nothing to drop a point. damn. Oh well, I'll give you an updated picture of myself from this week! I'll be going house hunting again tonight with my hubby!

me at 190.0 lbs! 

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