Friday, May 13, 2011

188.0-9....aka ridiculousness

(It's a word, I checked)

In the past four weeks I have weighed myself religiously just like the 14 weeks before that. The only change was that there was NO CHANGE. Well, not a substantial change. I fluctuated between 188.0 to 188.4, 188.7, 188.9 (eek!) I'm currently at 188.6. What is my body's deal with this number?? I have no attachment to it, I swear! My body, on the other hand, has a love affair with it.

On one hand, I am so thrilled that I'm "maintaining." On the other hand, I HATE that I'm "maintaining." I'm nearly 20 weeks into our 52 week journey. OY! We're nearly half way through this! With these four weeks behind me I am now averaging just over a pound a week lost. That's pathetic. Simply pathetic. 22 lbs in 20 weeks, it needs to be more. Especially if I'm going to reach the ~50lb mark by the end of the game this winter!

I need to think long and hard about what it is that is missing. I can't come up with a plan until I find out what is not working. That probably means a trip to the doctor as well. I'll continue to maintain even though I'm trying to lose. **le sigh**

Goal: July 4th, be down to 180.


  1. You might have simply hit a plateau, when I hit a plateau I try a new exercise routine.

  2. You know I still haven't lost 20 pounds, right? lol And you keep saying something about the 1 year mark... did we say that?

  3. yeah, I am pretty sure we would said we'd put a cap on it as one year. At least that was my goal. lose 75 lbs in a year (original goal)