Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Happiness :-)

I'm in a pretty good mood these days! First of all, the scale is moving in the right direction, and in a consistant manner! I've lost about 16 pounds, which feels awesome! It's hard for me to tell much of a difference by looking at myself in the mirror. We don't have any full length mirrors in the house, so I can't really examine myself (or take self-portraits lol). I am noticing a difference though. I take a yoga-ish class at the gym, and of course there are mirrors there to check your form. I used to get disgusted with how big I was. During the last class I noticed that I look a little leaner. Yay!

I'm also in a good mood because of my oh-so-wonderful boyfriend. He said I wasn't allowed to talk about him on Facebook anymore, but he didn't say anything about my blog! [insert evil laugh] Apparently, my bragging about how wonderful he is was ruining his street cred. For those of you who have never met this man, street cred is not something you would have considered him having to begin with. Anyway, Mr. Wonderful is very supportive of my new eating habits and exercising. He's actually the one that got me going to the gym 2 years ago. And for Valentine's day he got me a Smoothie King gift card because I told him I really didn't want any candy. But back to his more recent wonderfulness! Yesterday he told me he could tell that I was starting to slim down. The fact that he, a GUY, noticed and told me that made my freaking day! He didn't even notice when I got a haircut and had bangs all of a sudden. He also said it was easier for him to pick me up (also for those who have yet to meet him, he is a 6'5" goofball who likes to pick me up just because it seemed like the thing to do). That's not saying much, though. He works out like a machine, and I used to fight him every time he started to lift me. I guess I was embarrassed that he might throw his back out or something. Anyway!

More good news has been my workouts. I have been sticking with my c25k training. I did w2d2 today. It didn't kill me! I thought it might there for a minute, but I lived! Part of my problem was not eating enough before I started the jog. I just started running out of steam at the end. I made it though! I may do Week 2 for a few extra days before moving on to Week 3. When I survived today's session, I don't think I'm ready to move on just yet. I also had a session with my trainer the other day. It was the first time I've seen her since October! She kicked my booty, and I loved it! My legs were pretty sore though, which did not help my running! Oops!

In other news, I posted yet another recipe. I have really enjoyed this one! I took it for my lunch yesterday. I will definitely be making it again. And soon probably! I need to start playing with more breakfast ideas. I seem to be stuck in cereal rut, but that's mostly because I'm lazy. Oh well! Alright, I think I'm done for this update. Hope everyone is doing well!
- Jen

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