Thursday, April 28, 2011


Ok... for those of you that DIDN'T watch SNL in the late 90's early 2000's, that joke is lost on you. But because I still quote it to this day, and if I stretch the definition a little it's almost fitness related, I will share it with you.
Moving on! This is our 50th blog post. Can I just say how proud I am of Tiff and myself for not letting this blog die away like so many others? And for not turning it into a long list of excuses as to why we're struggling with our goals? I think we've both been pretty good at admitting "well... that was dumb of me to have 18 milkshakes and 4 cheeseburgers... no wonder I gained my weight back." Not that I think either of us has had a milkshake since we started this thing (I have had a few cheeseburgers), but you get my point!

So, as promised, I was going to explain further about my lack of progress. To be perfectly honest, I don't know what happened to make me gain that 2 pounds back that I had lost. I stuck to my calorie goals and drank plenty of water. I was a little lazy with my strength training, though. Maybe that was it. The last pound I gained came from going out with Greg twice for his birthday, once to Smoky Mountain Brewery and Once to Red Robin (I told you I had a cheeseburger) and eating waaaay too much on Easter. Between all that overindulgence and working more days, I didn't have time for working out. Lamesauce on my part.

This week I am trying to do better. I'm still working towards my goal of a total 20 pounds lost by my birthday... which is only a week from Saturday. I'm not going to beat myself up if I don't make it, but I think I still need to work towards it. Plus, even if I don't make it by my birthday, at least I'll be that much closer to making it at all! Positive, positive, positive.

Speaking of positive, I decided to reward myself for making it to -10lbs. Greg and I were killing time at Target before his Red Robin birthday dinner, and I bought myself a bracelet (I would have posted a picture, but the target site is being ridiculous). It says "dreams become reality one choice at a time." I thought that was appropriate given the circumstances. I have also decided on another reward for myself when I accomplish a my C25k goal.

I found it through a website called One More Mile. I had posted a status on Facebook about how I was always pleasantly surprised when running didn't kill me, and a friend (who is a runner) posted a link to one of their shirts that says "Running won't kill you, you'll pass out first." Ooh, a new place to shop?? So I started looking through their stuff and saw a tab that said "penguin." Now if you know me at all, you know I had to click! I saw this and decided that I would use it as motivation towards that goal. I mean, hello! Inspiration and a PENGUIN?? It will be mine... in about 2 months, lol.

Speaking of my running, I'm doing pretty well if I do say so myself. This week is week 3 and it (obviously) didn't kill me! Almost. I actually had to stop half way through the first time I tried because I was having trouble breathing. It was an Allergy thing, not an exercise thing, but it still upset me. The next night I went through it again and finished. I prayed for 25 minutes straight, but I made it. Seriously! It went something like "Ok God... I know this won't kill me, but I might need some help getting through... just help me breathe through the next 90 seconds... ok, thank You... now let's get through that 3 minute run... ok one minute down, God, help me get through the next 2...." and before I knew it I was in the cool down stage and I was fine. I needed to go again yesterday, but uhm no. I don't know if any of you heard about the storms passing through the South, but it was pretty bad out there, and I was not about to risk my life (or my car!) for I a run I could do today.

Ok, I guess I need to get to that run. I don't have a lot of time before going to work, and I really want to get it done. Later all!
- Jen

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