Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Lazy Morning

So I'm sitting in my bed watching Regis and Kelly banter in a weird, flirtatious way. I feel like I'm still recouperating from the previous work week. I went to the gym but I didn't meet my goal for gym. I ate out and I ate cookie dough. But mostly I worked. I worked nine days straight. I'm not complaining, but I had no time for me. It was work work work. I got really upset, I would come home, exhausted, so I would go out to eat instead of making a healthy dinner. I tried to eat healthy out for the most part so that's a plus. My husband had also been gone for quite some time now, and on top of that we are still dealing with the stressors of home buying and the financial aspect of that. So anytime I hit a bump in the road with that I'd grab a spoonful of cookie dough. I am lucky I didn't gain all my weight back! As it stands I'm fluttering around my last weigh-in weight of 188.8 and 190. But today I'm like at 189. So at least I am maintaining. I really don't know how to balance everything in my life. Before, I didn't have a job, and when I took this job I was skeptical about still having time for my goals. I was right in my doubts. I need to figure all this out but it isn't going to happen in the near future. Mitch comes home, my mom comes to visit and we are loosing a good, trained worker this week at work and we have SIX new trainees coming in.

Overwhelmed doesn't begin to cover it.

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