Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Random Musings

So yesterday I decided to punish myself. After going to Spin class, I (push) mowed the front yard and part of the backyard. If you had ever seen my backyard, you would know what an undertaking that really is. I'm not sure what prompted my self-torture. Maybe subconscious punishment for missing the gym? Regardless, I knew I was in trouble when I had trouble getting dressed for bed. I took 2 Advil last night, so at least I'm able to move this morning. Silly girl.

As you know, I like to crochet. See this post if you don't remember. I have discovered that when I throw myself into a project, I don't snack as much. Actually, I don't snack at all. If I feel the need to eat while I'm working, I think "ok, I'll go get something after I finish this part." Next thing I know it's an hour later, I finished the project, and my snack craving has passed. So then I start another project and start the whole process over again. Of course if my stomach is seriously growling, I do get something to eat, but it helps cut back on the mindless, emotional/boredom snacking. I used to do the same thing with cross-stitching, but it's easier to put one of those projects down than these lol. I just need to find a new project. I actually have one in mind, I just need to see about materials.

Hmm, anything else? Oh! I think that Ms. Tiffany and I need to go back to our original idea of goals and rewards. I'm not really sure what the breakdown of that was. Anyway, since I decided this mid-week, I'm not going to hold her to anything until next week. My goal is to be down 2 more pounds by Monday, July 4. There, I said it. I have 17 blog followers holding me accountable!

Alright, I guess I need to get off here and be productive or something. Have a good Wednesday!
- Jen

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