Monday, August 15, 2011

Happy Dance

Slow and steady wins the race. Or at least achieves the goals. Look what I woke up to!
Please ignore my nails and the fact that I need to sweep the floor. I don't even remember the last time I posted a picture of my scale... But look! All 2s! That does amuse me a little. Plus the fact that it's the same upside down (except for the decimal). So, let's see... 249.8 - 222.2 = 27.6 pounds lost! And if I keep happy dancing, it will be 28 before the end of the day! lol

I'm also happy to say that I'm starting to notice the change in my clothing. My shirts were a little loose before, but my pants were still the same size. The other day I noticed that my pants are starting to fit a little looser, too. Finally!

This progress has encouraged me to set a goal for the first time in months. Seeing as I am 2.4 pounds away from the be 3-0, I'm going for it. My goal is to lose 4 pounds in the next 2 weeks. I'm tempted to try to get down to 219.8 by next Monday, but I know what my week ahead looks like and I'm not sure I could do it. Plus 3 pounds in 1 week is not really healthy (or reasonable). So anyway, that's my goal. Do you hear me, Ms. T? Do you have a goal, too, perhaps??? No pressure or anything.
- Jen

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