Monday, August 8, 2011

hot hot hot!

I shaved my legs for this blog.

No really, I just hopped in the shower, shaved the necessary parts and came back to the computer to write my blog.

Ok, so this is how it really went down.
"Oh, It's Monday, I better blog before Jen kills me over the interwebs."
*sits down to blog*
"I should probably weigh myself, too."
*heads to the bathroom*
"Man, it's hot, I need to put on a dress; I should probably shave my legs so I don't look like a Sasquatch running around the house."
*hops in shower*......*weighs self*
"Much better, now it's time to blog"

And you have my thought process on why I felt it necessary to shave before I sat down to blog. Totally unnecessary. Totally worth it.
Why is it so hot, you may ask. Or you might not ask because you already know or just don't care. Our AC is broken. We're waiting on the repairman to come out this afternoon. It broke on Friday. It has been a sweltering 94 degrees in the house over the weekend. I spent one night here and that was enough so we hightailed it over to our friend's house for the last two days. We're back and I'm dying. Hence the need to put on less clothing which meant shaving. and I feel like I'm talking in circles. Blah!

On to the goods!
Hopped on the scale and I am down to 185.4. Woot woot! That brings me to a total of 26.4 lbs lost since the journey began!
Please ignore the horrible pedicure. It's pathetic, I know
Yay! And here's a picture of me, down 26.4 lbs!

185.4 lbs =D 
Oh, and I bought a real bike...not a stationary one, although I'd like one of those too! It's a really intense whole body workout!

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