Saturday, January 8, 2011

Diet Supplements?

I have an appointment on Tuesday with my doctor to talk about all things weight loss, weight management and nutrition. I'm super stoked and wish it was on Monday instead of Tuesday! There is a nutrition class on base that is offered for free, I just need to sign up. I want to talk with my doctor of course!

So weight loss supplements. What do you think of them? Remember that one that Anna Nicole Smith used/represented? I tried it when it first came out. I don't know why, I was 130 pounds. Any way, it made me ridiculously shaky and dizzy so I stopped taking it. But supplements and meal replacements are not just pills. And the world's come a long way in the validity of these. No, they are not miracle fix alls, but used correctly I feel they can give your weight loss journey an extra boost!

So what are my favorite supplements? I'll tell ya!

  • Special K
    • French Vanilla Shake 180 calories in a bottle/serving
    • Honey Almond Meal Bar 180 calories/bar
  • Smoothie King
    • Lean1 Chocolate Smoothie 290 calories in a small. It contains Almonds, chocolate and bananas as well as the supplement Lean1. 
Those are my favorite so far. They all taste amazing and not like diet food at all! Very high in fiber and protein which means you FEEL full for longer! This is what makes them meal replacements! 

Enjoy and work hard! 

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  1. I lost like 40 lbs once taking Adipex. It is appetite suppressant and stimulant. They only work for a very short period of time, like 4 months. I took them 4 years ago and I have never gained back all the weight I lost. Honestly, although these can be dangerous, my own personal experience with this one was positive. Also, my doc only gave me 30-day Rx, so I had to come in each month and weigh in and talk about any side effects. It made me feel safer.