Tuesday, January 11, 2011

My Abs and Other News

Things that are sore today:
Back (all of it!)
Glutes (BUTT)
Head (woke up with a killer headache)

Surprisingly NOT my calf muscles!

Things that are new for this week:

  • Doctor appointment this morning
  • The secondary competition is heating up, it was cut from 15 to 10 people, I'm part of the 10. No more cuts but some awesome changes. 
  • I get to be in charge of group field trips. Healthy, Fun and somewhat of a workout! Hello Horseback riding and Jacksonville Bike Tours! 
  • One big change is that the biggest loser competition for me here in Jacksonville is being extended. Instead of 10 weeks we'll be doing 20 weeks which puts our "graduation" on the last week of May. Which for Floridians, that's the unofficial start of bathing suit season! Eek! I'm gonna be in a Two piece this year! 
  • We only have a few more days until weigh in here at CD2SD...Which means I need to find a gift for Jen. ASAP! Thankfully that is my plan tonight, headed to Target for a gift and new workout clothes! 
  • I have to talk to my husband about all of the changes going on with the local competition. A few things require me to be gone at least one night a week. I think he'll understand if I get him a new game! (right, honey, sunday nights can be Call Of Duty nights? I love you!)
  • I'm starting a food journal. Got a cute one from TJ Maxx
I struggled as to whether or not I should tell you my weightloss, and technically I have since it's all over Facebook, but I'll wait and tell you next monday! 

Peace out,

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