Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Grrr! and Encouragement

First of all, let me say how super happy I am for Tiff about her size 12s! That means she can fit in my favorite dress ever (if she still has it) that I gave to her when I got too big to wear it. I'm super happy for her and also a little jealous. I loved that dress. :-)

That being said, I'm so freaking annoyed right now. I have been bouncing around the same pound for almost a week now. I weigh myself every morning to record it on Calorie Count and my workout journal. So a few days ago I was 240.0, then it went up to 240.8 then 240.6, 240.4, 240.2, and 240.0 yesterday. This morning, I was 240.8 again. Are you kidding me? I'm not getting discouraged, but annoyed is definitely in there.

One encouraging thing is my 5k training. Today is the last day of the first week. Well, technically tomorrow is, but it's a rest day. I'm about to go to the gym to complete today's workout. But I can already tell that it's helping. Every Tuesday night I go to a comedy show and I usually park on the 4th level of a nearby garage. Previously, walking back to my car has made me out of breath and I'm practically gasping by the time I sit down inside. Last night, however, I felt just fine. I probably could have parked on the 6th level (there are only 6 levels lol) and been great.

I think it's awesome. The first day I ran, I texted my boyfriend and said "hey! I just did a walk/run and it didn't kill me!!" to which he responded with the proper accolades of "I'm glad you didn't die." So the next day when I ran I sent him one that said "the 2nd time didn't kill me either!" which got a "very good." Now that we know this whole running business isn't going to kill me, I guess I better keep doing it.

Alright, off to the gym.

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