Friday, January 14, 2011


The eleventh element. Na. One part of the compound NaCl. Sodium. Salt.

Salt is amazing. It makes things taste good. It can transform a meal. It can kill you.

Ok, so I'm being a little extreme but in extreme circumstances it really can kill you!

What does Sodium do to your body? Too little Sodium can cause your body to function incorrectly, you will feel weak and tired. Too much Sodium and your blood pressure can sky rocket. As in all things, balance is key. The FDA recommends, on a daily basis, an intake of 2400 mg of Sodium. This allows one's body to function properly. Keep this in mind when you read the labels of your food. Get in the habit of reading those labels. KNOW what goes into your body. To moderate your Sodium levels stay away from PROCESSED FOODS. Sodium regulates the water in your body, too much and it causes you to retain water, therefore making you bloated. Puffy. Puffy is a bad word! You don't want to look puffy!

So start paying attention to your sodium levels.

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